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20020927.gif Nicole's 4th Birthday Party with Jungle Terry

20020909.gif Nicole Turns 4

summer2002.gif Summer 2002

37mon.jpg Nicole at 37 months

20010507.jpg Nicole - May 2001

31mon.jpg Nicole at 31 months - Easter 2001

30mon.jpg Nicole at 30 months

tdlrxmas.jpg Nicole at 27 months - Toddlercize Christmas Party

xmas0.jpg Nicole at 23 months - Christmas Card Pictures

daddyday.jpg Baby Nicole on Father's Day 2000

wheelee.jpg Nicole at 21 months

sipper.jpg Nicole at 20 months

19mon.jpg Nicole's Mother's Day Card

19mon.jpg Nicole at 19 months

18bmon.jpg Nicole at 18-1/2 months

18mon.jpg Nicole at 18 months

Aunt Laura's Baby Shower

Nicole at 17 months

Valentine to Mom

Nicole at 16 months

Nicole at 15 months

Nicole at 14 months